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New years resolutions

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So the holidays are over and almost everyone in the planet has a new year resolution. Most of these resolutions many times involve getting fit, losing weight or getting back on track with our health and fitness goals.

I received a call a few days ago and it begins like this, “hey Myriam I need you, I need to lose my stomach; do I need to join a gym?”, and my answer is “yes!”; the conversation continues, “ok, I can join for two months and I can take it from there and walk”. My answer was “negative”.

This is a perfect example of what we do with new years resolution for our health. She expressed it exactly how most of us act it out. We run and join the gym to get back on track or to start a new exercise habit and then two months later we fall off the band wagon. Sadly enough this happens every year. Why do we continue to do this to our health? Doesn’t matter to us enough to make a permanent lifestyle change. Of course, there are many things you can do to lose weight or lose your stomach, however, if you want to do it correctly and permanently you will need to follow these three basic components of a fitness program.

They are:
Proper Nutrition, Cardio, and Strength Training. For the next few months I will be discussing each of these components to guide you along to help you achieve your health and fitness goals (not resolution, there’s nothing to resolve), just do it! Start by making small goals; one at a time.

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Written by All About Fitness Group

January 2, 2012 at 2:09 am

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