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FIT 101: Metabolism

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What it is
Metabolism is a complicated chemical process, so it’s not surprising that many people think of it in its simplest sense: as something that influences how easily our bodies gain or lose weight. That’s where calories come in. A calorie is a unit that measures how much energy a particular food provides to the body. A chocolate bar has more calories than an apple, so it provides the body with more energy — and sometimes that can be too much of a good thing. Just as a car stores gas in the gas tank until it is needed to fuel the engine, the body stores calories — primarily as fat. If you overfill a car’s gas tank, it spills over onto the pavement. Likewise, if a person eats too many calories, they “spill over” in the form of excess body fat.

How to make it work for you:
Simple, just Speed it up! Of course I can bore you and give you the scientific language of it all but this blog is to help keep things simple.
Below are the 4 steps that you need to speed up your metabolism rate quickly.
I use them daily, and I recommend copying them down and start living by them – you’ll be amazed how quickly the rolls start to fall off your bones when you incorporate these steps into your daily lifestyle.

First, the 4 steps you can start taking today to speed up your metabolism significantly by next week!

#1 – Understand how your metabolism works.
To understand how your metabolism works, you just have to know what it really is. Your metabolism is the amount of energy or calories that your body burns to maintain its vital functions throughout the day. Not just when you’re exercising either – but when you’re shopping, sleeping, even as you’re sitting reading these steps now, your body is burning calories to maintain itself!
The metabolic rate depends on your body composition. Muscle requires more energy to maintain itself daily than fat does, so the more muscle you have, the higher metabolism is! For every 1lb of muscle you add to your body, you burn up to 50 calories a day at rest, while you’re shopping, sleeping, at work etc; now 10lb of muscle burns 500 calories and a week you burn 3500 calories which equals to 1lb of fat at rest. So now, can we say more resistance training for the ladies!
Your metabolic rate can also be manipulated based on how often you eat, the FOODS you eat, and your exercise (hint: cardio isn’t the best way to lose fat) – so now that you understand what metabolism is, here’s how you’re going to boost it!

#2 – Stop starving and start eating 5 – 6 meals EVERY day.
If you’re confused, our old friend Mr. Science explains the logic behind this.
When you eat food, your metabolism rises in response to the food to break it down into nutrients usable by the body. By eating 5-6 meals throughout your day – you basically fool your body into a CONSTANT fat burning state throughout the day! And whenever it burns off your daily eaten calories – it moves on to your fat reserves, which when you finally start seeing the inches burning off your waist.
The myth that eating throughout the day is bad started BECAUSE people usually eat unhealthy snack 99% of the time. Chocolate, donuts and chips. If people started eating that 5-6 times a day instead of just 1-2, health problems would rise very quickly.
Therefore, you have to watch what you’re putting into your 5-6 daily meals. If you can part with Twinkies, the benefits are a faster metabolism rate and never feeling hungry throughout the day! A great trade-off – in my opinion!

#3 – Eat HEALTHY Fats And Plenty Of Protein!
You’re probably thinking, “Oh no, here she goes again telling me something totally ridiculous like eating fat helps raise my metabolism,” – but Mr. Science is here to save the day yet again!
You’ve probably already stumbled upon the terms “good fats” and “bad fats”. Well, the good fats (Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids) that come from fish, eggs, milk and nuts regulate the levels of a hormone called leptin, which is directly responsible for the speed of your metabolism rate and the point at which your body starts to store calories as fat. This means the more healthy fats you eat – the higher your metabolism will stay at!
And as far as protein goes – your body spends more energy digesting and converting it than carbs or fats. American nutritional journals have shown that you burn TWICE the calories digesting protein than fats or carbs.

#4 – Exercise Is Important, But Cardio Is For Suckers!
Whether it’s swimming, running, biking or walking, cardio does speed up your metabolism rate for HOURS after you finish – and I can’t argue with that. But did you know that your metabolism increases for 1-2 DAYS after a weight training workout?
This is true because your body maintains the elevated metabolic rate during the recovery period your muscles go through after the trauma from the weight lifting – which generally takes 24-48 hours. This means that if you hate cardio – you can easily eliminate it by combining proper whole/unprocessed foods with 3-4 weekly 45 minute weight lifting sessions!

By KG Solutions / L.Killens


Written by All About Fitness Group

July 1, 2011 at 5:00 pm

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